In Pediatric Dentistry clinic performed the entire spectrum of modern preventive and curative dental care on the teeth and oral cavity in children and adolescents.

Are indicated in parentheses some of each category and are both children and permanent teeth. For more information please contact phone 2310221095.

  • Prevention of dental caries (fluoridation, preventive cover, low radiation X-rays, learn correct brushing method)
  • Treatment of dental caries (white fillings, root canal treatment, crowns)
  • Treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and oral problems (cleaning the stone with ultrasound, polishing, thrush, bad breath, many bridle)
  • Cosmetic dentistry (whitening, replacing “black” fillings, esthetic restorations, bridges without grinding)
  • Treatment of patients with special needs. For more complex cases of possible dental care under general anesthesia on an organized clinic.
  • Dealing with children’s fear of the dentist
  • Preventive orthodontics (finger in mouth, prolonged pacifier use, equipment maintenance area), check photo here
  • Treatment of patients with missing teeth, ectopic or supernumerary teeth, abnormal shape, size, color, check photo here
  • Prevention and treatment of dental injuries (splints protect athletes and repositioning teeth narthikopoiisi), check photo here