The dentist practice of Dr. Basil Achyropoulou operates in the center of Thessaloniki since 1996 and offers a wide range of preventive and therapeutic dental work exclusively in children, adolescents and persons with disabilities. The philosophy of our practice focuses on providing a painless way, high level of specialized dental work but also to create positive attitudes in terms of dental prevention and treatment of children and parents. This is achieved by full training and education for the dentist, and by the excellent and modern logistics of Paedodontics surgery. The dental clinic is located on Alex. Svolou 18 (former Principality. Nikolaos) in the center of Thessaloniki and works by appointment by phone at 2310221095 and 6944167577. The opening hours are daily 5-9m.m. and Saturday morning working 10-12m.m. for special cases. For exceptional or emergency you can contact your doctor in the above mobile phone. Paedodontics The clinic is equipped with sophisticated machinery and modern configuration of the interior creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, suitable for removing the stress of dental practice, children and parents.At the time of examination the children can watchtheir favorite movie while waiting can work with various creative pursuits (kidepedia, ps2, painting).

Orthodontic Problems

STAFROEIDIS OCCLUSION One of the causes is the eve of the baby teeth in the mouth and you received a similar permanent
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Dental Trauma

The prognosis of an injured tooth health depends largely on the time leading up to address it.
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How is the correct brushing teeth?

The brush skew in relation to the teeth brushed in order to limit the tooth and gum.
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White Lesions

White deterioration in these key areas. The cause was injuries to the permanent tooth seeds from deciduous teeth, following a road accident at the age of 2.5 years.
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